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This site exists only for the purpose of prayer.  If you need prayer, please contact us. It is the result of a challenge our family received from our church pastor, Dr. Crawford Loritts at Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, Georgia.  The church handed out $30,000 to the church members. He challenged us to pray about how we could use the money ($50 total for us) in our envelopes for a Kingdom Assignment. We elected to open a prayer request email account and advertise it in the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper (www.AJC.com online for ($49.95). The following week the church received $30,000 from a donor asking what is the church leadership going to do with this money? We shared this with the person who took the ad over the phone and they shared the story with the Assistant Features Editor of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. She in turn contacted our pastor and did a front page story on the church project in the AJC on November 24, 2006. CNN read the article and did a 15 minute live feature story on CNN. They interviewed our Pastor about all the wonderful ways the money is being used for the Glory of our God.  The Atlanta Journal did a follow up story 3 months later to report what the people did with their money. 

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How may we pray for you?


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